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Vinayagar Temple Eachanari

Lord Vinayagar is the residing deity of Eechanari Temple. The temple is at Pollachi Main Road, Eechanari. The idol that is 6 feet tall with 3 feet breadth was being transited from Madurai to Perur, during which the wheel of the conveyance gave away at Eechanari.

Efforts to take the idol to Perur did not help. So it came to stay in Eechanari. The temple was completed on 03.06.77.

Lord Vinayaga is the first and formost Hindu deity and he symbolises pranav manthara Ohm the sound which is everlast and everlive at the creation and destruction of this universe.

Lord Vinayaga symbolises Ohm Pranav manthara is a presiding deity of this temple, and this temple is situated 10km away from Coimbatore to Pollachi enroute.

The Moolavar of this temple is actually made for the installation at Perur, Arulmighu Patteswarar Temple and since the cart carrying Moolavar struckdown at this place from Madurai and Eachanari become the blessed place of Lord Vinayaga.

Hence the Vinayagar in this place is called as “Eachanari Vinayagar” One of the famous Vinayaga of whole Tamilnadu.

By worshiping Lord Vinayaga our deeds are fulfilled and vows answered misfortune vanishes, and our past karmas purified success follows: words honoured wealth secured long life will be attained.

Hence, even devas who are immortal would also pray Lord Vinayaga to seek his blessings.

This is the temple where devotees invariable of caste and creed, poor and rich come and Worship to seek the blessings of Lord Vinayaga.

Eachanari Vinayagar Temple

Whenever a new vehicle is purchased people from other religion also come and perform pooja before it is taken on road.

It is also believed and experienced that by worshiping Eachanari Vinayaga, that day happens to be a day of success and joyful. The experience felt by regular devotees of this temple.

It is to be noted here Moolavar of this temple is of big size and placed in such a way he can be prayed from all side even while travelling on bus, Lorries, cars, and on two-wheelers, since the temple is located at Pollachi to Coimbatore main road.

Devotees from Coimbatore, Pollachi and other Places come and worship Lord Vinayaga everyday and perform poojas and fulfill their promises and vows.

The Kumbhabisegham of this temple was performed on 03.06.1977 by his holliness of Kanchi Mutt Sri Jayendra Saraswathy Swamikal when renowed industrialist of this area Pollachi Sree N.Mahalingam and Sree P.K.Duraiswamy Gounder as the chairman and vice president of Thiruppani Committee.

It is proposed to perform Swarna Pandhana Maha Kumbhabisegham in the year 2004.

Gold Chariot

Rs.55 lakhs has been spent to build a golden chariot for this temple. Since 14-07-1998 this scheme has been doing well. After obtaining Rs.1000 from the sevarthigal, every evening around 7 O’clock, God’s procession in this golden chariot takes place.

Rs.15000 is obtained from those who wish God’s procession in the golden chariot to take place on a day they want to. And from the interest obtained this procession takes place once a year. You can also deposit Rs.15000 and befenit from joining this scheme.

Ganapathy Homam

Every day at early morning 5.30am, Ganapathy Homam is conducted. For that, Rs.1000 is charged from the sevarthigal, who wants to conduct this Pooja.

Sevarthigal who is interested to conduct Ganapathy Homam on special occasions such as their Wedding day, Birthday, Business anniversary day, Children’s birthday, etc., have to deposit Rs.15000.

Pooja is conducted in the name of the sevarthigal from the interest amount of their yearly deposit of Rs.15000. So far, there are 372 members in this scheme. You can also register yourself to get Lord Vinayaga’s Blessings.

Annadhana Scheme

On 23-03-2002 TamilNadu Government began ‘Annadhanam’ in 63 Temples for sevarthigal who come to worship God in the afternoon. Every day ‘Annadhanam’ is being done successfully for 100 to 150 people. It costs Rs.12 per person and those interested in giving ‘Annadhanam’ to around 100 persons will have to deposit Rs.1200.

If sevarthigal deposits Rs.15000, they can give Annadhanam whenever they want. Till now 75 persons have deposited in this scheme.

We invite you to join this scheme, feed the hungry and wish you to live with happiness and prosperity.

Free Marriage Scheme

This temple arranges free marriages of socially down trodden people as per the direction given by the Honourable Chief Minister of TamilNadu.


This temple runs “Anbu Illam” with 25 students and provides them with free lodging and boarding and free supply of books and cloths to the students which are appreciated by general public.

The temple was consecretated in 1973. On 5-8-1977, the temple was handed over to the Hindu Religious & Endowments Dept. The temple is daily open from 5 am to 10 pm for dharshan. Ganapathy Homam is done daily at 5.30 am. Abhishekam is done morning 6.30 am and evening 6.30 pm.

Annadanam is hosted daily noon to the devotees and the poor. Golden Charriat is available for procession at 7.30 pm. Free Marriages are also conducted to the needy, by the devasthanam. Bus Routes through the temple are 12, 12A, 12D, 33 (A, B, C, D, E), 47, 71, 73, 84.

Phone No. : 0422 – 2672000, 2677700,
Website :,
Email :

Mundhi Vinayagar Temple
Puliyakulam, CBE – 641045,
Phone No. : 0422 – 2313822.
Asias largest Vinayagar blesses you here.
Open 5.30 – 13.00, 16.00 – 21.00 hrs.

Rathna Vinayagar Temple
Diwan Bahadur Road,
RS Puram, CBE – 641002.

Sidhi Vinayagar Temple
Dr Nanjappa Road,
Gandhipuram, CBE – 641012.

Sri Varasidhi Vinayagar Temple
Kumudam Nagar,
VK Road, CBE – 641035,
Phone No. : 0422 – 2669814.

Karana Vinayagar Temple
Mettupalayam Road.

Coimbatore Vinayagar Temples

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